Why soap?

We had this idea of making soap because we we're so tired of all the garbage in our products.  Only to have those products we were spending our hard earned money on causing us more harm then good.  It wasn't until a cancer journey that I realized I needed to be more mindful of what I was putting on my body as well as on the inside.  

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer February 6, 2017. My world was rocked and my life changed.  I lost all my hair due to chemotherapy.  I wanted products that were gentle on my skin and gentle on my bald head.  OH MY have you tried finding products that are healthy for your skin and hair?  I was shocked at what I was seeing and what I was putting on my body.  

Now we are here. Fast forward a little over 2 years. HOORAY for me! I've been cancer free since May 23, 2017! Back to the point!

Everything I saw I said I can make better.  So I spent the last 6 months watching and learning everything I can about soap making.  I still have a ton to learn as with anything, I never think we are done learning.  I crafted my very first soap! I'm addicted to it! I can't stop thinking about new pattern to make and how I would be able to do them.  Adding fragrances and essential oils to my liking! Adding pretty decor to the top. Glitter anyone!! Yes they make eco friendly glitter! Adding amazing oils that will gently clean my skin without adding chemicals. 

I'm proud you guys!  I'm proud of myself and my daughter.  We both are here creating these unique soaps that are actually good for your skin and passing it onto you!  


  • what is a good one for a man

    Barbara odom
  • need to decide which one is right for me


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