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Cheekiesoaps at Downeast

What an exciting opportunity from Sweet to the Soul Marketplace.     Our soaps will be available at Downeast Carefreefrom October 11, 2019 - November 29, 201934870 N North Valley Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85086  

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August Giveaway winner!

We ran our first soap giveaway in August 2019.  Who won?! Check out this video for the winner!  Stay tuned on Instagram for our September 2019 giveaway!  May the odds be ever in your favor!   Stay Cheekie, Victoria & Alex (Alex was a super trooper, she was sick when we recorded this) Head on over to Youtube!  Give us a like and subscribe! 

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Why soap?

Why Soap?  We had this idea of making soap because we we're so tired of all the garbage in our products.  Only to have those products we were spending our hard earned money on causing us more harm then good.  It wasn't until a cancer journey that I realized I needed to be more mindful of what I was putting on my body as well as on the inside.  

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