Shipping and Handling

We ship out every Thursday! 
When will my order ship? What happens if I order multiple soaps? 
We ship out one package per online order.  Soaps are not mailed out until the cure date has been reached.  If you order 3 soaps they will all ship together.  Check your soaps cure date.  Your package will ship after your last soap is cured. Here is an example.  Your items will ship on the next Thursday after July 28th.  Which would be August 1, 2019.  What If you don't want to wait? Place separate orders! 

Bee Soap  Soap will be cured and ready to use July 15, 2019

The Man Bar Soap will be cured and ready to use July 15, 2019

Teal Waves Soap will be cured and ready to use July 28, 2019

How are my cheekiesoaps packaged? 
We are very environmentally friendly.  We pride ourselves in using ONLY eco friendly biodegradable packaging.  Our soap is carefully wrapped in biodegradable film, Biolefin™. Biolefin film takes 90% less time to degrade.  Our labels are biodegradable too! So you can feel good not only about the soap ingredients being cruelty free and vegan but also that you are not adding more waste. 
Can I pickup my order? We will have a pickup once a week on Thursdays at 2pm at location to be determined later.  It will be in the Cave Creek, Arizona area.  If you don't have a flexible schedule we suggest selecting shipping instead of pickup.