About Cheekiesoaps

Cheekiesoaps is a compassionate Bath and Body Brand that seeks to reveal your beautiful skin without sacrificing our furry friends in the process. 

More to the story? Of coarse we all want to know the story behind a brand.  
Why something was created. Do we support that creation. Instead of just bringing you Handmade Bath and Body products I wanted to bring a health and awareness Brand. A Brand that you can feel good about without having to wonder what it's made of. A Brand that stands up for you when you didn't know you needed it.  A Brand that you can trust.

What does health have to do with bath and body products? So much more than you ever thought.

Hi I'm Victoria and I'm an Ovarian Cancer Survivor, a wife, mother, and dog lover.  I'm a warrior and I'm here to introduce to you Cheekiesoaps Brand Bath and Body Products. 

Why start a Bath and Body Brand? Well it’s simple. I was Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer February 6, 2017. Shortly after surgery I started Chemotherapy. 14 short days after my first chemotherapy I started losing ALL my hair. My skin was naked. No protection just bare. Cancer made me think about what I was putting into my body and on it. HOLY COW!  Have you looked at the ingredients in your products and looked them up online to see what they are? I know I didn't do that before. I couldn't believe the ingredients that are allowed to be but in our Bath and Body Products. I started researching and then searching for let's use the word "clean" products. It was nearly impossible. 

I was tired of products that contain harmful ingredients and products that harm other animals lives in order to create and sell. While going through Chemotherapy I made a connection between other life and how much every being wants to live. So finding vegan and cruelty free products was a must. That's when the magic happened. Use my pain for good. 

So I decided to create the Cheekiesoaps brand. I knew what I wanted the Cheekiesoaps Brand to stand for. It had to be Clean and Healthy for us.  It couldn't harm any other being, so It had to be Vegan and Cruelty free.  Getting Leaping Bunny Certified was a must. The Leaping Bunny Program is the gold-standard in cruelty-free certification for personal care and household product companies and signifies we never use animal ingredients or animal testing.

I starting out with designing and handcrafting small batch Artisan Soaps for humans. Keeping into consideration which products where important and why.  

I'm also a Commercial Pet Product Photographer.  I shoot marketing campaign images for the top dog toy companies in the world. You can checkout some of my work on my website www.tuffphoto.com and of course on instagram . As I said before I love dogs and I wasn't saying that lightly. While I was researching and carefully selecting ingredients for my human soap I decided that I wanted my dogs to have the very best as well. So an all around natural bar soap for dogs was born! It has been an incredible addition to Cheekiesoaps Brand. It's extremely popular and I find it hard to keep it in stock. Which makes me so happy knowing so many dogs are using an amazingly health soap instead of a dare I say chemical shit storm.  If you think human products have a lot of harmful ingredients you should check out what's in your dog products. 

I am so proud to bring you a line of products that are not only good for your skin but smell and look divine!  With carefully selected ingredients to heal or keep your skin healthy. Products that are safe and gentle. From Bath bars to Shaving bars all the way to dog bars. The only problem is you can't eat them!  

In 2021 Cheekiesoaps expanded into not only Bath and Shave Bars but also Bath Bombs, Lotions, Body Butters, and Facial Care.  All healthy alternatives to the ones you may be currently using. 

Take a look around and while you're here buy some soap for you and your dog!

As always thank you for stopping in and reading about Cheekiesoaps. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

Stay Cheekie! ~  Victoria